© Andrea Salzmann

Impatiens walleriana

Impatiens walleriana is a duett with a gardener and Doris Uhlich. The „Nachwuchskünstlerinnen“ (this is the german expression for an upcoming/growing artists) Doris Uhlich and Andrea Salzmann are researching about the word „Nachwuchs“.
Doris Uhlich dances parts of the first choreography which she learnt when she was 13: Flashdance.
I create an audition-situation with the gardener. He is watching my dance and then giving me feed-back: botanic feed-back. He is speaking about young plants, their growing, conditions for growing, etc.

Idea Doris Uhlich
Realized with Doris Uhlich, Andrea Salzmann, Claus Ruhnau

Supported by Tanzquartier Wien

Premiere: 18/05/2007 in the framework of "Stückwerk" im Tanzquartier Wien


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