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00331452553201 is a continuation of the project insert.eins/eskpade. In insert.eins/eskapade Doris Uhlich was working with older people in an old cinema in Vienna, called „Bellaria“. She was asking older people in cafés, in parks and on the street whether they had interest in working with her. Doris Uhlich was dealing with (Self)touinggestures of divas in films produced in Austria/Germany between 1933-1945 (these films are projected in this cinema every day; older people go there to watch these movies every day). In 00331452553201 she puts these gestures in the context of the stage and phones a man in Paris who gives her informations about cinemas in Paris. The research is: Is there a cinema in Paris like the Bellaria? Which special cinemas do exist in Paris?

(...) and Doris Uhlich convincing in Vienna’s Tanzquartier. Doris Uhlich presents a derivative of her first work insert.eins/eskapade: 0033142553201. A striking short piece working with the representation of gestures in silent films and the technical communication that bursts out of the performance space. Uhlich works wth senior amateur performers, whose presence is confronted with the voluptuous nudity of her own body. Der Standard, 27./28. 01. 2007, Helmut Ploebst

Concept Doris Uhlich
With Frédéric Nedoma-Ohnhäuser, Doris Uhlich, Werner Vockenhuber

Debut performance: 25/01/2007 Tanzquartier Wien

Supported by the cultural department of the city of Vienna and the Tanzquartier Wien


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