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“Who will I be 30 years from now, what will I dance and what will my thinking pattern be like?” In Uhlich Doris Uhlich skips thirty years of her life. This piece narrates the future. It’s a solo Doris Uhlich will perform herself in thirty years. Today it is her mother, Gertraud, who represents her on stage; she plays Doris Uhlich in 2041.

Every moment is ambiguous: the  prediction of the daughter is the present time of the mother. She shows her daughter which direction her body is moving. Apart from the projection into the future Doris Uhlich also uses philosophical texts as unknown to her mother as the future is unknown to her. How foreseeable, how planable is the future? What motivation is there to survive the present in order to reach the future?

“The event in this piece is my mother. She is me and still herself at the same time. What is our relationship towards what will come? Is it possible at all to have a relationship to what  the future will bring? Yes and No.” (Doris Uhlich)

“My name is Uhlich.” (Gertraud Uhlich)

Choreography Doris Uhlich
Performance Gertraud Uhlich
Project-Team Andrea Salzmann, Yoshie Maruoka, Armin Anders, Judith Staudinger
Light Monika Gruber
Production Christine Sbaschnigg

Production Doris Uhlich / insert (Theaterverein),  Coproduction Wiener Festwochen, Thanks to Tanzquartier Wien, With the kind support of the cultural department of the city of Vienna

Debut performance 03/06/2011, 20.30h, Halle G / Wiener Festwochen / Vienna
Additional performance 04/06/2011, 20.30h


A sketch of the performance has been shown on 19/12/2008 at Tanzquartier Wien


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