© Theresa Rauter

more than naked

Why would anyone undress on stage?
What can a naked body say?
What can twenty naked bodies say?
...always already say?
...still say?
...say again?

In more than naked, twenty naked dancers make their flesh wiggle, wobble, and crack. Their bodies slap against each other, sweating and snapping to dance floor hits and lavish sounds. Twenty people on stage are more than a group - they are a society. And this society sets itself in motion. As the movement unfolds, Doris Uhlich stands on stage, DJing to the whole event the motto being “Let’s party our b ody!” more than naked manages to bring to the stage nakedness free of ideology and provocation. Doris Uhlich was already occupied with making “her flesh” swing in her previous piece more than enough. In the process, she developed a fat-dance technique. more than naked is a consistent continuation of this concern with body discourses, and it blasts away conventional ideas of body, dance, and nakedness with tremendous subversiveness.

In a way, on-stage nakedness recovers its innocence here, an innocence it never had. Martin Thomas Pesl/nachtkritik

What these bodies do has more to do with a game based on relaxed nakedness than with a numb provocation. It has wit, allows for discursive wrinkles, and gives one the feeling that cultural regulations are not written into eternity. Helmut Ploebst/Der Standard

My flesh is having fun. A dancer in the project

We embed the world in our thought and in our bodies, in our flesh. When you make your flesh move, you’re also making those embedded things move, because you’re moving the here and now. Doris Uhlich

The dancers in the project were participants of a workshop, also titled more than naked that Doris Uhlich gave in 2012 at ImPulsTanz.

Choreography Doris Uhlich
Artistic advisor Yoshie Maruoka
Dramaturgical collaborator Christine Standfest
With Zinzi Buchanan, Neil Callaghan, Paige Culley, Mihaela Alexandra Dancs, Andreea Maria David, Lucia Di Pietro, Stefanie Eisl, Aleksandar Georgiev, Tova Gerge, Katharina Hölzl, Ofelia Jarl Otega, Costas Kekis, Petros Konnaris, Lilach Livne, Milan Loviska, Aloun Marchal, Andrius Mulokas, Katarzyna Szugajew, Andrew Tay, Doris Uhlich & Thales Weilinger
Light Nadja Räikkä Sound Gerald Pappenberger
Production Christine Sbaschnigg & Theresa Rauter

Co-production ImPulsTanz & insert (Theaterverein)

Premiere 05/08/2013, ImPulsTanz / International Dance Festival Vienna

insert (Theaterverein) is subsidised by the cultural department of Vienna and the bmu:kk.


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