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more than enough

In more than enough Doris Uhlich asks herself and her audience how the body can become a trademark and what this means. Doris Uhlich – who is often called a “corpulent dancer” in newspaper reviews - questions the importance of the outer mantle and the meat underneath the skin. How dominant is the outer image of a body within the reception of a dance performance? Is there such a thing as the perfect body for dance? And finally: Who is beautiful and who isn’t? What does the word "beautiful" mean?

In live interviews over the phone Uhlich talks to people whose bodies don’t meet the beauty standards and who have therefore become trademarks. Do these people create such trademarks by themselves or do others do this for them? What strange phenomenon are we currently witnessing where everybody wants to be unique yet no one breaks ranks?

The Baroque epoch with its urge for overabundance creates the basis for a bodily and textual discussion of flesh and opulence where the activity of bodies will be mirrored in the previous works of Doris Uhlich.

Choreography Doris Uhlich
Dramaturgy Andrea Salzmann and Judith Staudinger
With Doris Uhlich and guests
Produktion Christine Sbaschnigg

Guests in Lyon Sophie Cattani, Sahra Daugreilh, Susanne Kirnbauer, Elisabeth Löffler, Thomas Sturm, Elfie Sus, Werner Vockenhuber
Guests in Paris Sophie Cattani, Susanne Kirnbauer, Otto Lechner, Thomas Sturm
Guests in Vienna Tale Doven, Susanne Kirnbauer, Otto Lechner, Virginie Roy, Thomas Sturm

A corpoduction of Doris Uhlich, brut / Wien, Les Subsistances / Lyon.
With the kind support of the culture department of the city of Vienna, bm:ukk.

Premiere Lyon-Version        25. 06. 2009     Les Subsistances / Lyon
Premiere Paris-Version        31. 10. 2009     Centre Pompidou / Paris
Premiere Vienna-Version     15. 01. 2010     brut / Wien

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