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Johannen. A Team Of Women

A naïve farmer girl, a seer, a virgin, a warrior, a religious fanatic? Who was the Maid of Orléans - Jean of Arc ? Instead of coming up with a dramatic adaptation, Doris Uhlich shifts this historical plot into the present times: eighteen women - amongst them a nun, a seer and  a soldier – provide the material that shines a light on the myth of the legendary Jean of Arc. The everyday-experience of these women builds the groundwork for the movement patterns and documentary scenes. What does it mean nowadays to feel religiously appointed, to be a soldier or to become a psychic?

Not one movement equals another - each actor follows her own rhythm. At a time one of them gives an impulse to another with her foot at another time all of them collectively twitch and quiver with all their limbs. The women stamp their feet on the floor, stretch their hands into the air and sink back into a quiet pose. Her Joans are tender and fragile, angry and powerful – they have their origins in the present and come without the pathos of a historical drama. Anna Hahn, Festival Newspaper Schillertage Mannheim

Choreography Doris Uhlich
Andrea Salzmann
Project Development
in cooperation with Haiko Pfost
Artistic Production Management
Christine Klotmann
With Monika Altnöder, Gesa Dethlefs, Christa Dollmann, Rita Ender, Siegried Erbe, Lisa Grau, Claudia Greco, Elke Hülter, Kerrin Jacobs, Yvonne Klewin, Doris Knoke, Gesa Kress, Claudia Kröper, Annett Pina Guillen, 
Manuela Schulz, Sina Weiß, Maria Drabitz

A coproduction between Doris Uhlich, brut / Wien, and the 15th International Schillerdays / National Theater Mannheim

25/06/2009 15th International Schillerdays / National Theater Mannheim


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