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Where does the technical expandability of humans begin and is there a limit to where it should go? What makes a technologically optimized body pleasurable, satisfied, sociable or happy? What interests and ideas are behind the attempt to improve the body with new technologies?

Re-combine my DNA, this body is not here to stay.

The solo-performance TANK by Doris Uhlich is dedicated to the subject 'body 2.0' exploring many unresolved questions about the social dimensions of self-optimisation - such as the role of desire and laziness or the future of changing physiological processes and individual tastes.

Just another move, join the transhuman groove?

The piece revolves around a tank that was constructed by the Berlin collective Proper Space and around body objects, designed by the Viennese stage designer Devi Saha. In the tank, the body can be shown as a field of experimentation and as the object of the reconstruction. The motif, already well known from science fiction, which repeatedly appears as a scenic arrangement of body modifications - from Test Tube Girls of the 1950s to modern movies as Alien: Resurrection - usually stands for the isolation of unknown and dangerous life forms. In Doris Uhlich's performance, the tank is becoming a place of study and testing of body transformations, especially against the background of climate change and growing economic crises.

Conception: Doris Uhlich, Boris Kopeinig
Choreography, Performance: Doris Uhlich
Dramaturgical collaboration: Adam Czirak, Yoshie Maruoka
Sound: Boris Kopeinig
Text: Boris Kopeinig, Doris Uhlich
Tank: Proper Space
Body objects: Devi Saha
Light: Sergio Pessanha
Technical support: Gerald Pappenberger
Production: Marijeta Karlovic-Graf, Margot Wehinger
International Distribution: Something Great. www.somethinggreat.de

Thanks to Karin Harrasser and Marian Kaiser.

Co-produced by tanzhaus nrw and insert (Theaterverein).

insert (Theaterverein) is funded by the Cultural Department of the City of Vienna.